• Our professional website designers and programmers have the creative talent, the training and knowledge of current web standards and practices
  • What We Can Gurantee: Speed , Reliable , Security
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  • Involves Keeping a Server Updated and Running so that a Computer Network Can Operate Smoothly.
  • SCE provides full on-site & off-site computer repair and maintenance services.




About Us  


Shahin Computer Est. (SCE) is a computer-oriented company staffed with professionals to provide its customers with the best technological capabilities available now. Our mission is to provide our clients with all of their needs in the computer field in order for them to take full advantage of the information technology. In business since 1990, SCE has been offering state of the art consulting to the business community, keeping pace with the rapid advances in computer technology. We are dedicated to sharing our knowledge and experience through providing quality services for our customers.











 Website Design & Development :

Our professional website designers and programmers have the creative talent, the training and knowledge of current web standards and practices. Click here to browse some of our designs.


Web Hosting:

Our company will provide web hosting services so that our customers will have no difficulties to manage their website or to do even more than they originally plan with it. We will always make sure that our customer’s websites will be accessible 24/7 without any service interruption. We will always offer affordable services even though we are giving the best services and features to date.


Domain Name Registration:

Step One: For a credible website start with domain name registration .A domain name is your claim to a custom address on the web. With your domain name secured you can host any of your website on a server. Then the adventure of building your own website begins.Buy your domain name in confidence with our low prices and free features. Our domain registration system is highly automated so we register your domain names quickly with no fuss.



We repair PC and Laptop hardware and software, including all desktop versions of Microsoft Windows:Virus, Spyware and Trojan removal,Complete system restore,Data recovery and backup,Wireless broadband network installation and repair,We offer a friendly, low cost computer repair and maintenance service to home owners and small businesses alike



Hardware Services is able to provide a wide range of computer parts and accessories. We stock commonly used items and can quickly obtain other items from our suppliers.Accessories ,Cables and Adapters,Computer Parts, Power and Accessories





Samples of Our Projects

Website Developed by SCE


Jerusalem Studies Center

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Ebal Socity Website

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Forearms of Change Center

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Al-Ghad Medical

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Al-Fadi Company

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Gulf International Telecom (GIT)

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Dr.Ghazal clinic

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Tawasal Initiative

View Project

Salwa Draie

View Project

ACO Website

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JOCP Website

View Project

Salwa Damen Masri

View Project

Albaseerah Website

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Dr. Labib Kamhawi Website

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Nablus Website

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Sufyan Tell Website

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Textile& Readymade Clothes Syndicates

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Maayear Website

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alrewadalkebar Website

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Jcfriend Website

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Ragheb Alqasem

View Project

Jordanian Russian Friendship Society

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Lavender for Trade and Services (LTS)

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Dr. Abdullah ElKhatib Website

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Some of Our Clients 



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Our head office is located in Amman - Jordan, Jabal El Hussein, Sukayna Street, Al Shuttle Trading Complex, Behind AJIB Bank.

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